8/1-8/2/15: Shinnecock Sciences- Sennets refuse all Offerings

Fishy Jackson
Location: Shinnecock
Time/Tide: Morning/ Hi Tide around 8:30 & 9:30 am

After a rough last few weeks of July with a few unreportable missions, clearly it was time for renowned Fishologist Fishy Jackson to don the White Lab Coat and head Eastly to explore the Shinnecockian Waters.

First stop was the Old Ponquoge Bridge where a few nemesis Banded Rudderfish were spotted, but these fish refused to bite live Killies for whatever reason.  This would be a familiar theme as Fishy Jackson headed to the Boat Basin and encountered a fresh school of Northern Sennets hovering next to the dock.  Sennets of all sizes were observed, ranging from 4 inches to 10+ inches.  Live, bite-sized Killifish were dangled in the faces of these Barracuda creatures but the bait was completely ignored.  Micro pieces of fish flesh and squid were dangled in the faces of the smaller Sennets…still no love.  These offerings were good enough for all the other fish around (Snapper, Mackerel, Bergalls) but not good enough for the Sennets.  Rudderfish and Sennets appear to have joined forces in some sort of dishonorable Anti-Fishy Jackson Campaign.

The Fishtilian returned the next day with a small Kastmaster lure, worked with a fast retrieve…still no love from the Sennets.  To add insult to insult, multiple Sennets were observed blitzing Silversides with their impressive speed but refused to bite when Fishy would dangle one in their face.  A truly baffling situation.  The insults did not stop there.  Fishy had his first ever sighting of a Naked Goby on the side of the dock and appeared to get the micro bait close enough, but it didnt bite.  Fishy also nearly caught a random Grouper hiding under the dock but it somehow disappeared after seemingly making a pass at the bait.  A few real small Tropical fish were recorded hiding by the dock but these fish are unhookable.

Fishy Jackson remains unparalleled in his dedication, unbridled in his enthusiasm, unflappable in his demeanor, unwavering in his mission, and unbroken in his composition.

Footage of a Foureye Butterflyfish at the dock


Footage of a Northern Sennet Attack

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