8/12-8/16/15: Gulfly Takeover- Exhibitions of Gulfish Behavior

Fishy Jackson, AQUA-D
Location: Gulf

The Fishiest Being of the Dry Land, Lord Fishy Jackson has become so saturated in fishiness his skin now seems to drip some form of fish liquid (as seen in the complaint below).

Fish Water

The Fishtilian fought through the rugged August Floridian humidity and lack of a boat to put in some acceptable work.  AQUA-D managed a few new animals for herself, and proved to be a Cowfish magnet as she landed 3 or 4…possibly the same dumbass Cowfish over and over.

SnookSnookOrangespotted FilefishGulf FlounderAtlantic NeedlefishGulf KillifishFrillfin GobySpotfin MojarraD CowfishD Bandtail Puff20150812_154147Scaled SardineLeatherjack

Molly Season: New species have proven tough to come by, as Fishy Jackson appears to have exhausted the local ecosystems of all their resources.  However, Fishy did manage to hook one of the more difficult fish to catch in the Mangroves: the algae-feeding Sailfin Molly.  These fish nibble on rocks all day and show minimal interest in all bait offerings, however a few of them became enticed by bits of bread being tossed in the water. One or 2 would nibble at a tiny bread bit on a micro hook but wouldn’t take the bait into their mouths enough to get hooked.  After a frustrating ordeal, one of the Mollies finally decided to inhale the bait and was swiftly landed.

Sailfin Molly

Surf Sessions: Solid 1st morning session but the last 2 were weaknuts.  A massive Shark ripped off a mile of line before snapping it off, and this would prove to be the only Beastly runoff of it’s kind.  A nice Crevalle Jack on a Deadly Dicks lure and a medium sized Southern Stingray on a live Killi rounded out a quality 1st Surf session.  The next 2 sessions proved oddly lifeless despite the acres of White Bait in the water.

Southern StingraySouthern StingrayCrevalle JackCrevalle Jack

Creatures Caught: Sailfin Molly (#121), Southern Stingray, Snook, good size Crevalle Jack, Atlantic Needlefish, Gulf Flounder, Orangespotted Filefish, mammoth Gulf Killifish, Mojarras, Leatherjack, Frillfin Goby, Hardhead Catfish, Bandtail Puffer, Scrawled Cowfish, small Red Grouper, small Sheepshead, Pinfish, Spottail Pinfish, White Grunt, Tomtate, Pigfish, Lane Snapper, Scaled Sardine

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