8/22-8/23/15: Bobby Mo Brownwaters- A Sea of Brown

Fishy Jackson, Este Dot AKA The Dottler Effect
Location: Bobby Mo
Time/Tide: 6 – 8:15 AM/ Low Tide around 6:30 AM

Live from Brown Town…9th Chapter on the Dot.  With E$$ Dot back on the Right Coast the Squad got Beastish in the Bobby Mo Brown Seas.  The Brown Sharks were in thick, starving for some fresh bunk chunks, however they still dont seem to be eating any local surfers for some reason.

The Squad landed a couple healthy twin Browners almost simultaneously, marking Dot’s joining of the Brown Club.  A couple more Sharks broke off during the 2+ hour period, with the rest of the bait being fed to the crustaceans.  The abundance of Crabs with the tide being so low left only a brief window for the Browners to find the bait, making it reasonable to deduce the Squad would’ve gotten Browned up 10+ times with a nice moving, higher tide.  The Browns appear to have the surf on complete lock at this juncture.

Results: 2 Brown Sharks, lost a few more

Brown SharkEste BrownerBrown SharkBrown Shark

Fishy Jackson
Location: Bobby Mo Beach & Bobby Mo Piers
Time/Tide: 6 AM – 10 AM/ Low Tide around 7:30 AM

The Fishtilian returned to the Beast Scene and got an immediate runoff, however the line snapped 5 minutes in.  This must be rectified immediately as the Sharks are clearly starting to get too comfortable out there.  Fishy Jackson is making the full-time switch to the Palomar knot for Braid-Swivel knots when fishing for Beasts, and hath hereby decreed that all Fishy Squad members must do the same for their Beast Gear as well.  Fortunately this day was salvaged by a nice Keeper Fluke nailing a bunker chunk.

Fishy Jackson headed to the docks to check for Sennets and Rudderfish after crabs destroyed the remaining bunker.  Neither were present, nor were the usual small fish under the dock, however the Fishy Wonder got some action with some big Snappers, good eating size.

Results: 1 Brown runoff, 1 Keeper Fluke, few big Snappers


Quick Clip of the Brown Break off

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