8/30/15: Bobby Mo Brownwaters- Toast to the Brown Coast

Fishy Jackson
Location: Bobby Mo
Time/Tide: 5:45 – 8 AM/ Hi Tide around 8 AM

Live from the Brown Coast…Largemouth Larry was slated to join the Brown Brigade but was unable to arise early from his chambers…  The Brown Swarm still have the Surf on lock, however they do appear willing to let others eat at times…as a lone large ocean Bluefish sparked off the day’s action.  This beastly Bluefish was rendered the equivalent of a weakling Dogfish compared to the Brute Brown Force of the Brown Shark.  The palomar knot held up strong…the days of Sharks escaping with a breakoff are over.

Results: 1 Brown Shark, 1 ocean Bluefish

Brown Shark

Brown SharkBlue

Some Footage of the Brown Fight

^Shoutout to the good dude guarding Fishy Jackson’s bait from the Gulls during the Fight.  Honorable.  The Gulls stood no chance against this guy’s defense.

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