Labor Weekend ’15: Laboring for Beasts & such…Plus+ Bonus GeflilteBerg Update

Fishy Jackson

Location: Hudson- Yonkers
Time/Tide: 8:30 – 10: 30 AM/ Low Tide 9 AM by GW Bridge

The Fishy Wonder sparked the weekend off checking out the fishability of the Hudson at low tide.  Fishy lost a rig and a good amt of line on a first cast snag, with the line snapping well above the leader.  About an hour later Fishy snagged onto the lost line while reeling in, and proceeded to hand-pull in rest of the line…not only was the rig still intact but a fugly Toadfish was on the hook.  Somehow this Toadly Animal had managed to hook himself on a snagged rig.  This was Fishy’s 2nd strange encounter with one of these Magic Toadfish of the Hudson.  A few small Stripers rounded out the day’s action.

Results: 1 Magic Toadfish, few small stripers

ToadToadSmall Striper Doubleheader

Fishy Jackson
Location: Bobby Mo
Time/Tide: Seaweed

Weed of Sea.  Sea upon Weed.


Fishy Jackson

Location: Jones Beach
Time/Tide: 5:15-7:30 AM

Live from the Brown Grounds…The Brown Streak continued as another Brown Encounter ensued.  This Shark somehow managed to spit the hook out about 5 feet away from total beachment…clearly not a great hook-job.  A massive Stingray was also about 15 feet away from being landed when it suctioned itself and wouldn’t budge.  This thing remained completely stuck only a few yards away for 5+ minutes before Fishy lost patience and snapped the line trying to horse it in.  The Fishtilian has had a few issues getting some recent Beasts fully beached…Improvement must be shown in this area prior to the future encounter with a Sand Tiger Shark.

Brown Battle- Hook popped out around 6:20 mark

***GefilteBerg Bonus Coverage***

They told him this day would never come…They said “Hey GefilteBerg, put the rod down and walk away, you don’t fit in here”…They even said “Yo Gefiltnikov, get your entitled bum-ass away from these waters, you’re not Jackson Material.”  Yet, it was the Entitled Eel himself who got the last laugh, as he wrangled in a large 4 ft Gefiltic Dogfish while aboard his boy’s boat, which would go on to be the catch of the day.  It was at a time when the Gefilte Hecklers were out in full force, with the fishing slow and the outlook bleak..that GefilteBerg rose to the occasion, and provided a glimpse of that innermost fishiness that even he didn’t know he possessed.  GefilteTrump got it done, and has proven himself worthy of his position on the Fishy Squadron.

GefilteBerg felt entitled to have the following notes included in the update:

1) He was aboard a vessel named “Jarabacoa”- named after a Mountain Goat in a mountainside town in Columbia.  2) After fishing they docked up in Milford, where GefilteBerg proceeded to play basketball and drink scotch.  Thusly, he would appreciate some form of bball-related recognition of his stamina…or something of that nature.  3) He caught this fish on incoming tide in the Rip at Plum Gut.  4) Trump will Make America Great Again

GefilteBerg gets on the Board with a large Gefiltic Dogfish

GefilteBerg is on the Board with a large Gefiltic Dogfish

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