**9/12/15**: False ID Rectifications- The Cobia Correction

*Correction: 10/28/15* This was a Cobia…not Sharksucker Remora

Fishy Jackson
Location: Captree
Time/Tide: Morning/ High Tide around 8 AM

It was brought to Fishy Jackson’s attention that a glaring falsehood of sorts had been perpetuating for far too long.  The Fishtilian had caught a juvenile Cobia on this day, yet would erroneously ID the fish as a Sharksucker Remora due to the rounded tail.  As it turns out, juvenile Cobia tails are rounded as well when they’re under 8 inches long.  In hindsight, this egregious false ID never should have occurred, as this would have been the first Sharksucker Remora in fish history without a pronounced suction disc.  This should serve as a wake-up call to all…self-inflicted false fish ID’s are not something to be taken lightly, and can do a lot of damage to a fisherman’s mental and physical well-being if not rectified in a timely manner.

**Credit goes to the decorated Fish ID wizard AssociatedBoy, for the official proper ID of this Cobian Being, and the rectification of this Gross Oversight on behalf of Fishy Jackson.**

This fish aggressively attacked the micro bait after being spotted hovering oddly in the corner of the dock, and was brought back to the Chris Fishtank for observation.  While a 5″ baby Cobia is a rather unceremonious first encounter with Cobious, the Fishtilian will be prioritizing hunting down an adult Cobia in Floridian Waters…or at least a teenage Cobia.

Results: 1 juvenile Cobia (#122), few Puffers, couple Snappers, 1 Sea Bass that spit up an unidentified fish

Juvenile CobiaJuvenile CobiaSea Bass w/ Mystery fishMystery fishPuffSnapper

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5 Responses to **9/12/15**: False ID Rectifications- The Cobia Correction

  1. Associatedboy says:

    I’ve replied to a few of your ID posts on the Nanfa forum and occasionally take a look at your fishy adventures. Your sharksucker in this post appears to actually be a juvenile cobia.

    • Fishy Jackson says:

      Hey Associatedboy,

      Appreciate your ID help on NANFA. I remember that legendary Melanistic Sailfin Molly ID haha

      It’s funny you mention juvenile Cobia. I see that I didn’t mention in the post that I thought the same thing originally. I made a few phone calls after I caught it saying it was a Cobia. It didn’t seem to have much of a suction on it’s head, and I didn’t realize it was a Live Sharksucker until I put it in my Pop’s fishtank and noticed the tail. The tail was the giveaway. If you look at that embedded video, the last 10 seconds show it in the tank and you can see the tail. It’s for the best, I’ve been wanting to catch a Cobia for years and rather the first Cobia not be a baby.

      Thanks for input, if you see any other possible false identifications let me know

  2. associatedboy says:

    The lack of a sucking disk is what is a dead give away that it is not a sharksucker, even very small ones have a pronounced sucking disk. The caudal fin is tricky on juvenile cobia and I’m sure has thrown many others off, as a cobia’s tail is rounded rather than forked until they are around 6-8 inches long. I was only able to pick it out so easily, because for whatever reason, aquacultured juvenile cobia have been gaining popularity in the aquarium trade and showing up pretty regularly in some local fish stores in Florida.

    • Fishy Jackson says:

      Wow, I know you know your stuff…It’s still in my Pop’s fish tank, I’m going to go over there tonight and examine the head once and for all to confirm no suction.

    • Fishy Jackson says:

      This thing was indeed a complete utter Cobia, frankly shouldn’t have even been much debate about it in hindsight. Thanks again for pointing this out, and bringing Right to the Wronged.

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