9/16/15: Alien Encownter- The Nose of the Surf

Fishy Jackson
Location: Jones
Time/Tide: 8 – 10 PM/ Hi Tide around 10 PM

The Director of Fishy Operations Fishy Jackson was back at the Beast Scene in lake-calm waters, looking for some straggling Browns or Sand Tigers.  It’s possible the Browns may have moved on at this point, however a Beastly Encounter did occur in the form of another Brown Beast…the Alien of the Surf: Cownose Ray.  This Brown Cownoser made a strong Impression of Beastness with some beastly runs and never really suctioned itself.  Getting the fish in the last few yards proved difficult with such minimal assistance from the waves, but this Brown-nosed Cow was indeed landed and released safely back to the Earths.

Cownose Ray

Cownose Stomping it’s Flappers

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