9/19/15: Kitchen Sink Day- Meritorious Efforts come up short

Fishy Jackson
Location: Craptree then Moses Piers
Time/Tide: 7 AM – Noon/ Hi Tide around Noon

With cooler temperatures fast approaching and strong winds on the extended forecast, The Fishtilian left it all on the field and threw the whole sink to catch a random sea animal, fishing through possibly over 100 fish in the process.  It seemed quite plausible that some kind of random Grouper, or Porcupine Puffer…or perhaps even a Bearded Pricklenuts Weaselfish would find it’s way to one of Fishy Jackson’s hooks, but on this day the waters were filled with nothing more than the usual local animals.  Sabikis with Silversides, worms and clam produced large quantities of Porgies, Puffers and Seabass, with a few Kingfish and Bergalls mixed in.  Schools of Snappers and what appeared to be some kind of school of Jacks were blitzing on Silversides all around, but for some reason these fish proved quite difficult to hook.

***The Lunker Largemouth Larry was once again slated to attend this outing and once again failed to awaken.  Larry has been suspended indefinitely from the Fishy Squadron, barred from all Fishy Operations, and temporarily banned from use of all Fishy Facilities.***

Results: Many Porgies, Puffers, Sea Bass, Bergalls and couple kingfish

PuffSea BassKingPorgy

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