9/27/15: Micro Maneuvering- The Inland is In Hand

Fishy Jackson
Location: Connetquot Tidal Creek
Time/Tide: 11:30ish AM/ Hi Tide around 11 AM

With unpleasantly windy conditions at hand for the weekend keeping the rods in the garage, the Fishy Wonder had to dig deep into his bag of Fishy Tricks to salvage something of the weekend.  A possible quick and easy new-fish opportunity presented itself after gaining knowledge that Inland Silversides prefer lower salinity waters than the common Atlantic Silversides.  The Micro Don Fishy Jackson made a quick stop at the wind-protected brackish Tidal Creek by the Connetquot River and found many Silversides waiting to be hooked and documented by The Fishtilian.  After careful documentation it was later confirmed by the Fish ID Wizards at Nanfa that Fishy Jackson had indeed encountered a population of Inland Silversides.  Fishy Jackson continues to rise up the Micro Ranks with this strong demonstration of Micro Execution.

Results: Inland Silversides (#123)


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