10/11/15: Hudson Huntin- ‘Zilla Hake Action

Fishy Jackson
Location: Yonkerz Jumpoff Spot
Time/Tide: 8:15 – 11:15 AM/ Max Flood 8:35 AM by GW Bridge

Fishy Jackson AKA Ladainian Tomlesson remains utterly Tom-less in his Endeavors, after what was the 6th or 7th Edition of the Yonkers Tommy Cod Hunt.  The day’s top action featured a couple fat GodZilla-sized Spotted Hakes (compared to previous Hudson Hake catches) and the Fishtilian’s first Hudson Eel encounter…as the Tomcods and Sturgeons continue their usual alarming pattern of not existing.  With reportedly over 60,000 Shortnose Sturgeon in the Hudson, and however many more Atlantic Sturgeon and Tomcod, the odds currently remain above 0% that one of these fish will get hooked by the Fishy Wonder at some point.  Just how much above .0001% those odds are is up for debate at this juncture.

Results: 2 fat Spotted Hakes, 1 American Eel, 3 White Perch

Zilla Spotted HakePerchEel of Hudson

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