10/25/15: Hudson Tommy Hunt- 0 for 8…Declaration of Extinction could be nearing

Fishy Jackson
Location: Yonkerz Jumpoff Spot
Time/Tide: 8:30 AM– 12:15 PM/ Max Flood 7:15 AM by GW Bridge

Honorary Lord of Wonder Fishy Jackson is on the verge of declaring Tommy Cods extinct from the Hudson…with a Formal Announcement perhaps coming as soon as mid-March, 2016.  A few good honest attempts in the cold winter months remain on the docket, however, before such a controversial and radical conclusion can be drawn.  It was believed that Largemouth Larry had nearly landed a Tommy back in the 1st Yonkers Mission, but with Hazy Memory…this may have actually just been a Spotted Hake or small White Cat.

Swarms of small Stripers ranging in size from 4″ to 16″ have infiltrated the Yonkers Waters, likely discouraging any possible local Tommy’s from eating anything.  If nothing else, the Palisades were lookin quite pristine.

Results: 10+ Schoolgirl Stripers, 1 Hake, 1 Perch

Pristine PalisadesSpotted HakeSchoolgirl StriperWhite Perch

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