10/31/15: Halloween on the Hudson- Ghosts of Tommy Cods Past

Fishy Jackson, Father Figure Chris
Location: Yonkz
Time/Tide: 8 – 10:15 AM/

The Fishtilian had planned to wait a few weeks for some theoretical Tommy Cods and Sturgeon to move into the area before returning to his Post at the Hudson, yet Fishy found himself back at the scene less than a week later…this time with the Father Figure Chris of the Hudson.  Much like the previous 8 attempts, this outing ended with a goose-egg in the Tommy Column.

3 dozen Sandworms barely lasted over 2 hours due to the fast action and bait-stealing.  It became evident early on that the majority of the bait-stealing nibbles could be attributed to the presence of Tomcod Ghosts, arisen from the dead to haunt Fishy Jackson on Halloween.  Apparently the Ghosts of dead Tomcods are far hungrier than the theoretical living Tomcods of the Hudson.

Father Figure Chris was credited with the first White Perch catches of his career, and was thus encouraged to keep the hook as a memento, much like a baseball player after their first big league hit.

Results: 30+ Mix of Perch and Schoolies, 1 Eel, many dead Tomcod Ghost nibbles, 0 living Tomcods

Chris PerchChris StriperDouble header PerchStripesEelDouble header Stripers

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2 Responses to 10/31/15: Halloween on the Hudson- Ghosts of Tommy Cods Past

  1. Philster says:

    My brother and I went for Tomcod and Red Hake today at Pierson Park in Tarrytown. No Dice! We got 8 small stripers (like the ones in the your picture) and 2 White Perch. We were using frozen clams which the stripers were tearing up, tried imitation bloodworms, but the fish new they were fake. The Tomcod are out there though, Here’s a picture of one taken off Piermont in October. http://nyackfishingclub.blogspot.com/2015/10/fishing-stories-windy-with-side-of-bass.html

    • Fishy Jackson says:

      Thanks for posting the Tomcod pic link Philster, I didn’t see this until after I finally caught one this weekend. Glad I don’t have to proclaim them extinct. No idea where they are the rest of the year. Amazing how many small Stripers are in the Hudson, I’ve caught like 100 this year, all ranging from 3-15″, no keeper size. The Hakes you catch over there are most likely actually Spotted Hake, some big ones too. I’m targeting Sturgeon in future Hudson trips, seem to be a legit possibility now, multiple been caught in Yonkers recently. A guy also said he caught a Sheepshead, I think he was referring to Freshwater Drum.

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