**8/19/14**: Superhawk Meat Stacks 2- The Conger Correction

*Correction: 11/5/15* This fish was a Conger Eel- Falsely ID’d as an American Eel in the Silver Eel phase of it’s life-cycle since the party boat fishermen call them Silver Eels.  The Fishtilian had been unaware that these large Eels caught at the offshore wrecks are actually of Congerian descent…2nd Fish ID correction in just over a week resulting in a new fish.

Superhawk Party Boat 1/2 day afternoon Sea Bass Trip
Featuring: Old timer fishing legend Uncle Mike, Cousins Greg & Joe

Fishy Jackson linked up with some fam for the Annual Superhawk Meat Stacks trip.  The fishing was quite mediocre, however Fishy did catch a nice Silver Eel  Conger Eel.  A few keeper Sea Bass were caught, but the meats were not stacked very high at all.   The star of this trip was one of the mates: Squillium Squid-Leg.  This man had a large cartoonish Octopus tattoo covering much of his leg, which clearly served as some form of inspiration, as Squidleg was damn solid with his work.

Results: 1 American Conger (#115), some Sea Bass and such


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