4/17/16: Opening Day: Debut of Freshy Jackson…+Annual Blackbackathon

Debut of Freshy Jackson

Freshy Jackson, Coach Beav Mac
Location: Peconic Freshwaters
Time: Morning

The long awaited debut of Freshy Jackson has been deemed a success, and given how low the bar was set for this mission, it could be argued that the success was even borderline rousing.  Not only was a single Creature of the Peconic caught, but the inflatable boat also managed to avoid deflating while out on the water.  Navigating in the inflatable boat proved tough in the wind, but this boat was clearly a great purchase by Freshy and should contribute to some future Fresh Glory.

Freshy landed a nice Yellow Perch on the ride back to salvage the day.  The Great Coach was in fine form throughout the trip and managed to take home MVP honors despite not catching a fish.  Coach appears primed to take somewhere between 2 and 4 steps forward this season.  A few microfish encounters ended with the fish ignoring the small piece of worm for some reason.  Adjustments must be made, but a fish was caught…and the bar will be raised slightly for the next trip.

Results: 1 Yellow Perch (Fresh #2)

Freshy Perch

Yellow PerchCoach Fresh Debut

Annual Blackbackathon

Fishy Jackson, EsQuire P, Captain James Hook, Uncle Poseidon
Location: Blackback Dock, CSH
Time/Tide: 11:30-2 pm / Low Tide around 3 pm

Freshy Jackson passed the baton to Fishy Jackson for some afternoon Flapjackin at Blackback Dock.  The Fishy Squadron was out in full force for this one, but unfortunately rumors that the CSH Blackback population had doubled in size from 2 Blackbacks to 4 Blackbacks were indeed only rumors.  Someone needs to be held accountable for the lack of Blackbacks.  Though many factors are to blame here, someone needs to man up and take full responsibility for this travesty.

Results: Skunk

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