4/24/16: Dangerous Peconic Waters- Life Vests Essential

Freshy Jackson, Father Figure Chris
Location: Peconic Freshwaters
Time: Morning

It takes a sick, twisted, reckless maniac to venture out onto a shallow slow-moving river without a life vest.  With a max depth of 4 feet, clearly the Freshy Prince would have drowned in these waters without a life vest handy had the inflatable boat gone under.  Luckily the cops were there to dole out a $50 ticket to Freshy as soon the Squad pulled back ashore.  This kind of reckless behavior could have deadly consequences…there are some foot-long fish in these waters that could bump into your leg while swimming by, and dangerous half-foot wave ripples that could cause major damage if there are no life preservers present on board…lesson learned.

The fishing was an absolute debacle out on the boat, as this was a hackjob from the moment the boat touched the water.  Father Figure Chris did an admirable paddling to different spots but the worms and weedless grub lure went untouched somehow.  The wind and annoying algae didnt help matters…the towel was thrown in after an hour and half.  Freshy Jackson cant even seem to catch a freakin lil’ Bluegill on this boat.  Very poor showing by the Fishy Squadron…the Freshwaters Learning Curve is steep.

Micro Salvation- Fortunately Freshy Jackson utilized his sharp Micro-Eye to spot a couple Goby-like Darter fish gobying around on the shoreline.  Assist goes to the Father Figure for pulling back some branches, allowing Freshy a clear path to hook it on a worm sliver and salvage the day.  This lucky creature was brought back to the Chris Tank where it appears to be in good spirits.

Results: 1 Tessellated Darter (Fresh #3), Skunk on the boat

Tessellated DarterTessellated Darter

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