4/30/16: Progress on the Peconic

Freshy Jackson
Location: Peconic Freshwaters
Time: Early Afternoon

Twas a day of missed opportunities for the Freshy Wonder as the damn gear bag was left behind, leaving only 1 single regular hook and 1 micro hook to work with.  Some progress was indeed made, as Freshy stopped putting these freshwater fish on a pedestal and easily caught some panfish on Waxworms.  However, a nice size Largemouth and a couple Pickerel were observed in catchable positions, but were rendered uncatchable after the 1 hook broke on a snag.  The Picks were hovering in the water like lil ‘Cudas.  A Muskrat was also seen swimming by…Freshy Jackson is developing a great deal of respect for the Peconic Fresh scene and should be able to do some solid Freshwork here.

Results: Bluegills (Fresh #4), Pumpkinseeds (Fresh #5), and couple small Yellow Perch

BluegillPumpkinseed BluegillPumpkinseedYellow Perch

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