5/7/16: Fishy Jackson + AQUA-D- Occasion of Matrimonial Glory

Fishy Jackson, AQUA-D
Location: Inland

Fish everywhere could be heard breathing a sigh of relief…for despite perfect fishing conditions, the Honorable Lord Fishy Jackson displayed his true love for the Lovely Lordette AQUA-D by leaving the rods at home for this Occasion of Bridal Glory.  AQUA-D is the early front-runner for Bride of the Year, and should be in for a strong fish season if she can carry over some momentum from this strong bridal performance.  Though a lot of pressure comes with the territory of holding the official title of Mrs. Jacksonette, Fishy Jackson has no doubts that AQUA-D will live up to the hype.

Shout-out to Fishy Squadron members Lieutenant Este Dot, Coach Beav Mac, GefilteBerg, and Sir Shark-tone, as well as potential future Squad member Eddie the Animal, for holding down Fishy in the Grooms Bridal Party.  The Dot came thru with an MVP-caliber performance in the Best Man role, and would have easily taken home MVP honors had the award not been rigged in favor of Coach Beav Mac.  Coach is typically a shoe-in for this award and the voting is a mere formality.

It remains to be seen what kind of effect marriage will have on Fishy Jackon’s work, but the transition is expected to be seamless.



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2 Responses to 5/7/16: Fishy Jackson + AQUA-D- Occasion of Matrimonial Glory

    • Fishy Jackson says:

      thanks man and congrats to you on the 100th fish, was just checkign out your site. Those damsels are a bitch to ID. I caught 2 that looked basically exactly like that, one in the Keys and one in Sarasota, and both ended up being identified as Beaugregory Damselfish by reef fish expert Paul Humann. I can get you his email if you want, let me know. Wouldnt surprise me if he ID’d it as a Beaugregory

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