5/14/16: Peconic Freshness- First Wide Gaping Lunker

Freshy Jackson
Location: Peconic Freshwaters
Time: All Morning

Freshy Jackson has continued on the path of upward Fresh Mobility by finally catching a sizable creature, this of the wide gaping mouth variety.  A Lunker Bass, or at least Lunker-ish Bass, was seen hanging out under some tree cover but wouldn’t swallow a 3 inch long live Sunfish.  Fortunately this fish appeared content to stay in the same spot until he was hooked, allowing Freshy plenty of time to catch an even smaller Pumpkinseed to live line, which was swallowed immediately.  A couple Pickerels were also nearly landed on a Kastermaster and later a Rapala lure, but these fish somehow shook loose and escaped.  The Picks aggressively womped the lure but jumped and thrashed enough to shake the hook.  The usual smaller creatures came up on the hooks with worms, including smaller Largemouths.  Multiple Beaver-wannabe Muskrats were observed as well.

Results: 1 Lunker-ish Largemouth Bass (Fresh #6), couple smaller Largemouths, Pumpkinseeds, Bluegills, small Yellow Perch


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