5/21-5/22/16: The Peconquering of the Peconic

5/21/16: Freshy Jackson, Father Figure Chris
Location: Peconic Freshwaters
Time: 8:30 – 11ish AM
Bait: Live Golden Shiners

Faced with what was arguably the most important outing of his long and semi-prestigious career, Father Figure Chris came thru with what was likely his strongest showing since 2007.  The Fatherly Figure proved to be an asset on the water for more than just his impeccable rowing ability, behind his display of pinpoint precise casting and solid hook-sets.  In fact, Chris managed to surpass his average annual catch-rate of 2 fish caught per year, in the span of just a couple of hours.

Live Shiners fished under a bobber were the key adjustment made by the Freshy Wonder, and they proved quite effective when tossed near the edge of lily pads and overhung trees.  Freshy Jackson sparked off the action with a large Black Crappie on one of the first casts, followed by Chris landing a decent sized Largemouth.  The fish would typically hit within seconds of the cast if they were present, and if a minute or so went by without a hit it was usually time to move on.  Freshy Jackson and the Father each managed a decent sized Pickerel as well, though Freshy had thought they would’ve landed more given how aggressive they are.  A handful of the Shiners either died or were hooked poorly and wasted, otherwise more creatures would’ve been landed.  Freshy set aside some time to look for Freshwater Killies/Mudminnows/Shiners with the Micro Wand but these fish continued to prove quite difficult to locate.

The inflatable boat appears to have reached it’s inevitable end unless Chris can work some magic, as it apparently has a hole in it somewhere.  Air slowly seeped out the whole time, but the Squad managed to stay afloat by re-pumping a little every half hour or so.  Fortunately the Squad had the life vests handy this time, so there was no fear of drowning in the 3 foot depths had the boat completely deflated.

Results: 1 Black Crappie (Fresh #7), 1 Chain Pickerel (Fresh #8),  2 Largemouth Bass for Freshy.  1 Largemouth Bass, 1 Yellow Perch, 1 Chain Pickerel for the Father Figure

Black CrappieBlack CrappieChris PickerelChain Pickerelnice LargemouthNice LargemouthFreshy PickerelChain PickerelChris LargemouthChris Yellow Perch

5/22/16: Freshy Jackson
Location: Peconic Freshwaters
Time: 2:30 – 5ish PM

Freshy Jackson returned to the scene the next afternoon after the rains, but was unable to get live Shiners and had to settle for nightcrawlers.  The Pickerel made their displeasure known by refusing to show any interest in the worms.  Freshy attempted to catch some of the smaller species that haven’t been caught yet but got nothing but baby Largemouths and small Yellow Perch.  These Mudminnows, Banded Killifish, Rock Bass, Golden Shiner, etc are proving strangely elusive.  Where the hell are these creatures?  Freshy live-lined a couple Yellow Perch that the Pickerel were all over immediately, nearly choking themselves out trying to swallow a 5 inch Perch.  One Pick was eventually landed on a smaller Perch.

The key takeaway from this outing was the observation of a small school of 8-10 lb Carp cruising around slowly.  Carp Hunt 2016 coming soon…Freshy may have some Bulgarian Carping buddies now after meeting a friendly Bulgarian couple, who had come all the out from Queens to test the Carping out here in the Peconic Glory Lands.

Results: 1 Pickerel, Baby Largemouths, small Yellow Perch

baby LargemouthChain Pickerel

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