5/28/16: Peconic Freshness- Brute Carp on the Pecarpic

Freshy Jackson
Location: Peconic Freshwaters
Time: 8-10:30 AM

Freshy Jackson the Natural…it was thought this Peconic Carp Hunt might require multiple attempts but the Freshy Wonder popped his Carp Cherry on the first date.  The fat carp inhaled a hook covered with corn about an hour and half after the initial chumming of the water.  This section of the River appears to be rich in Carpness, as tons of Carp were observed exhibiting strange behavior on the surface and in the lily pads.  They were violently thrashing around in the lily pads looking like Tarpon ambushing bait in the Mangroves, however since they don’t eat fish it is unknown what they were accomplishing with this behavior.

A couple other land access spots were checked upriver looking for potential Banded Killifish/Mudminnows/Shiners, but these have proven way too elusive.  All potential Killies/Mudminnows keep turning out to be small Sunnies.  A couple Pickerels were landed on the Sunnies.

Brown Bullhead is next up on the docket…the first Peconic Night trip could be in the works for Carp and Bullhead.  Freshy Jackson was none too enthused by the daytime weekend fishing pressure at the limited land spots.  Time is running out on this freshwaters phase before Fishy Jackson commences salt activity.

Results: 1 Common Carp (Fresh #9), 2 Pickerels, micro Sunnies

Brute CarpBrute CarpPick20160528_112230

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