6/4/16: Peconic Freshness- Completion of Peconquering

Freshy Jackson
Location: Peconic Freshwaters
Time: 7-10:30 AM

Bullz-Eye on the Bullhead/Golden-Shower Golden-Eye on the Golden Shiner

What has widely become known as The Spring of Freshy has come to a triumphant and sooner than expected conclusion.  Freshy Jackson continued the recent display of ruthless efficiency by nabbing the target Bullhead Catfish on the first attempt targeting these Slimeballs.

The Freshy Wonder sparked the day off with some fast action on nice size Bluegills and Yellow Perch, and Freshy would put the fighting ability of these scrappy creatures up against the vast majority of similar-sized fish.  Nightcrawler pieces produced immediate action throughout the day, and the bigger the worm piece the bigger the fish.  Wax worms seem to suck, far less effective.

Twas the Catfish spot that Freshy broke thru by landing some large adult Golden Shiners up to 8″, which were used as fresh chunks for the Bullheads.  These Cats seem difficult to hook, as a few womps of the bait came up empty before a fat Slob came along and got the hook firmly lodged in it’s slimy jaw.  The Peconic Bullhead Population appears to be healthy despite only one being landed, as there were multiple hits on the bait.

Bittersweet end to the Peconic Fresh Work…Freshy Jackson has grown quite fond of these healthy, productive Peconic Waters.  A few random creatures haven’t been caught yet (Redfin Pickerel, Rock Bass, Banded Killifish, etc), but these fish are a longshot to encounter and will have to remain patient for their chance at getting hooked.  The time has come to get salted…2k16 Surf Debut next on the docket for the Fishtilian…

Results: Golden Shiners (Fresh #10), 1 fat Brown Bullhead (Fresh #11), good size Yellow Perch and Bluegills, decent sized Pumpkinseeds, small Largemouths

Brown BullheadBrown BullheadBrown BullheadGolden ShinerGolden Shiner Bluegilllarge BluegillYellow Perch20160604_071247

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