6/11/16: 2K16 Surf Debut- Standard by the book debut

Fishy Jackson, Coach Beav Mac
Bobby Mo
Time/Tide: 6:45-9 AM/ Low Tide around 7 AM

The 2K16 Surf Debut went about as expected, with a catch consisting of the crappy, undesirable fish that are loved by noone, not even by their own undesirable parents that birthed them.  The Lords of the Earthed Seas typically require Fishy Jackson to pay homage to the crappy creatures early in the season, prior to the initial Beast Encounter of the year.  This was simply a standard-procedure-par-for-the-course-by-the-book opening day effort to get the feet wet at the Surf.

Coach Beav put a beating on the Skates, and if he stays in this form it won’t be long before the tired old “Coach is on Steroids” rumors start popping up again.  Coach has been dealing with suspicions of PED use for years from the haters, but despite the plethora of weird, alien-like unidentified foreign substances showing up in his system on toxicology tests, all tests have always come back negative for roids…Coach is Pure.

Results: Many Skates, couple Dogs

Skate faceCoach SkateCoach DogSkate face

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