Pops’ Day Wkend 2K16 Pop-offs: War Declared on Snaggletooth…+…Back to the Peconic Future

6/17/16- War declared on Snaggletooth
Fishy Jackson, Plundering Pete

Location: Bobby Mo
Time/Tide: 8:30 – 10:30 PM/ Hi Tide around 6:15 PM

It is now officially Open Season on Snaggletooth.  The Fishy vs. Snaggletooth battle is long overdue, and it hath been decreed that every Surf Session from this point forthward will be considered a Sand Tiger Shark mission until ole Mister Snaggletooth is landed.  Thusly, every trip not resulting in landing Snaggletooth willst be deemed a failure…regardless of any other potential Acts of Heroism.

Setting up shop at Field 2 to be closer to the inlet, the Fishtilian was brimming with irrational optimism that this outing would produce a Snaggle Encounter, but ultimately the positivism led to nothing but negative energy.  Snaggletooth lives in these waters and has to eat at some point, but this could be a Summer of Failure if the Snagglers remain too scared to Bro-Down wit the Fishtilian.

Plundering Pete got on the board with some skatedogs, and Pete then proceeded to send a stern message that he’s back on the East Coast by looting and obliterating the late great local village of Bumpkinville.  The Plundering was so savage that this town was blown completely off the map, literally, as a Googlemaps search for the town now comes up empty…as if the town never existed at all.  The Wikipedia page was deleted as well, erasing what was known of the history of this once proud and thriving community.

Results: No Snaggles, Skates & Dog for the Plunderer

Pete SkatePete Dog

***Sunday Morning Plundering Pete Update***: If the Plundering of that town didn’t send the message that the Plundering Mammoth is back, the Sunday morning Bail Job on the Gluttonous Stripers aboard Captain Dennis’ Vessel did.  The father of Pete & The Dot, Captain Dennis AKA the Hound of the Sound has had the North Shore locked down for decades.  Fishy Jackson seldom fishes LI Sound waters, partly due to not wanting to intrude upon Captain Dennis’ Territory.

Pete BassPete BassPete Bass stomach contents

6/18/16- Captain Lou Fleet Party Boat for Fluke
Fishy Jackson, Father Figure Chris

Fatherly Chris wanted to do some Ocean Fluking to celebrate Father’s Day weekend, but this boat was boarded under false pretenses…they opted to stay in the bay…presumably to save gas money.  Fishy Jackson will take the High Road and simply state that this trip was predictably absolutely freakin awful, egregiously terrible boring crap fishing.  The Father Figure still managed to enjoy himself at least.

6/19/16: Back to the Peconic Future- Bangin up on the Slimers
Freshy Jackson
Location: Peconic Freshwaters
Time: 7:15-10 AM

The SuperSonic of the Peconic Lord Freshy Jackson returned to his old stomping grounds lookin for potential Rock Bass/Redfin Pickerels, but ended up having to settle for bangin up on the Slimers.  The Cats were starving for fresh chunks, as 4 Slimeball Bullheads were landed almost immediately after Freshy switched over to the Catfish setup…though it appeared the same fish was caught multiple times as it had a similarly placed rash mark on it’s side.

Freshy Jackson made a quick stop to check out the Micro Scene and spotted some possible Killies or Bridle Shiners, but they were proving quite stubborn and Fishy didn’t have enough time to wait for them to finally bite the damn bait.  A breakthru was also made with the spotting of a 3 inch long juvenile Redfin Pickerel.  A worm sliver dangle in it’s little prickerel face didn’t coax a bite, but there is now official Proof of Existence that these Redfin Picks are indeed in Peconic Waters.

Results: 4 Bullheads, some Sunnies, sighting of Redfin Pickerel



Footage of juvenile Redfin Pickerel

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