6/25/16: Peconic Watershed Micro Action- World Record Largemouth…+…Forbidden Waters of the Wildwood

Freshy Jackson
Peconic Watershed
Time: Light of day

Fresher than your local produce section Lord Freshy Jackson left it all on the Peconic field, exerting way more energy than should’ve been necessary to finally locate these dagnabbin Banded Killifish.

Peconic Micro Spots– The Micro Whisperer became the Micro Psychopath  after spending a crazy amt of time trying to catch what appear to be Bridle Shiners.  These insubordinate Shiners occasionally take a small nibble at micro bait, but mostly just seem content to follow the bait up close and stare at it in a douchey manner.  Multiple baby Pickerels were observed again, but refused to hit an extremely small minnow (caught in dipnet) on a micro hook, and also a small piece of aluminum foil used as a micro lure.  Freshy did at least manage to hook into a pending World Record Largemouth…for smallest Largemouth ever hooked.

Record Largemouth

Forbidden Waters: Wildwood Lake– It took a risky desperation stop at the Forbidden Waters of Wildwood Lake to finally get this done.  This lake is a tributary of the Peconic and is part of the Peconic Watershed, so the SuperSonic of the Peconic Freshy Jackson felt at home here.  Non-residents are forbidden from fishing these waters without a resident guide and the fine is quite hefty (supposedly $350), so time was at a major premium.  Fortunately, despite extremely limited land access, dozens of Banded Killifish were instantly observed upon pulling up at the spot.  These fish were extremely aggressive as all Killies are, and were easily landed before any cop drove by.  It is utterly baffling how elusive these Killies have proven to be in the actual Peconic River considering how prevalent they appear to be in the Forbidden Waters of the Wildwood.

Results: Banded Killifish (Fresh #12), 1 micro Largemouth Bass, micro Sunnies

Banded KillifishBanded Killifish

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