7/16-7/17/16: Bitter Fish Face

7/16/16: Rudderfish/Sennet Hunt
Fishy Jackson
Location: Moses Docks
Time: Morning

Instead of Beast Hunting in the Surf, Fishy Jackson AKA Bitter Fishface was forced to make a stop at the Docks to hunt fish that should have already been caught long ago: Rudders and Sennets.  Rudders were absent but small Sennets were present.  Fishy was unable to obtain a small enough live Silverside to present to the small Sennets, and they of course continue to refuse all other offerings.  The usual ho-hum small Sea Bass and Porgies were under the dock, refusing to grow large enough to be kept for the table.  Numerous Pipefish were observed, one of which appears to be feeding on something, but as of now these fish are unhookable.  The Fishy Wonder holds these creatures in high-esteem much like their relative the Seahorse…but the Seed of Bitterness had already been planted for the weekend…

Sennets & Pipefish Footage (Sennets in first clip)

7/17/16: Snaggletoothing
Fishy Jackson
Location: Jones
Time/Tide: 5:30 – 9 AM/ Hi Tide around 6:15 AM

The next person that utters one of those “A bad day of fishing is better than…” phrases to Fishy Jackson is getting hooked in their jaw and reeled in and gaffed.  Failure was to be expected in the form of no Snaggletooth, but it is unpardonable and unconscionable that the Fishtilian did not receive a runoff from a Ray, Ocean Blue or Brown Shark.  The dude fishing next to Fishy using Mono leader had a massive Shark break his line, and some schlub down the beach lost a large Ray, all the while Bitter Fishface was catching Robins and losing bait to Crabs and nibblers.

Bitter Fishface’s unbounded bitterness knows no bounds.

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