7/24/16: Bitter Fish Face II

Snaggletooth Hunt
Fishy Jackson
Location: Moses
Time/Tide: 5:40 – 8 AM/ Low Tide around 5 AM

Fishy Jackson AKA Bitter Fishface again did not come through with any real Beasts at the surf, but did have some monumental battles with the Wannabe Beasts: Dogs and Skates.  The Skates were in complete fake Beastmode, with one of the epic battles clocking in at a whopping 3 hours and 23 minutes.  This Skate exhibited such strength with it’s runs that it dragged Bitter Fishface into the water all the way up to his neck.  Fortunately some local surf fishermen (likely Hungarians) were nearby and had a fighting chair on hand for just such a situation.  The fighting chair proved no match for the brute imaginary force of the Skate however, and only seemed to anger the fish as it proceeded to just drag the whole freaking chair into the water.  Bitter Fishface was forced to fight the fish under water with a snorkel for the remainder of the battle before finally emerging victorious some 2 hours later.

Bitter Fishface is in danger of falling into a permanent state of Delirium if an actual Beast doesn’t present itself soon…

Catch of the Day: Snagged Sand Flea     Snagged Sand FleaSnagged Sand Flea

The loser of the 3 hour and 23 minute batlle...or was it 3 seconds and 23 nanoseconds?

The loser of the 3 hour and 23 minute battle…or was it 3 seconds and 23 nanoseconds?

Unable to match the sheer fake power of the Skate, this Crapdog only took approximately 45 minutes to land

Unable to match the sheer fake power of the Skate, this Crapdog only took approximately 45 fabricated minutes to land

Sennet Hunt- White Flag is almost raised
Location: Moses Docks

The Fishtilian caught some bait and made a quick stop at the docks after the surf, only to get mercifully mocked by the Northern Sennets again.  These creatures are freaking bizarre.  They hover by the dock occasionally attacking the Silversides, but mostly they just hover…when they attack a Silverside they swim around with the fish half in their mouth for like 5 minutes.  Fishy had a 6 hook Sabiki with live Silversides and some small live shrimp dangled in their faces and they would swim right up to the bait then dart away, over and over, never biting it.  Just utterly baffling behavior.

It’s become clear that Fishy Jackson is going to have to go undercover disguised as a Sennet and live amongst them…hover with them, feed with them, and possibly even breed with them…in order to gain their trust and eventually get one of these creatures to bite a damn hook.

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