7/28/16: Bitter Fish Face III

Fishy Jackson, E$te Dot
Location: Jones
Time/Tide: 6:50-9 PM/ Low Tide around 9:45 PM

The optimism brought forth by the return of Este Dot AKA Conway “The Butcher” Bowman was quickly beaten down by this Bewildering Bundle of Bungled Bitterness.  The Bitterment has taken on a life of it’s own and is bittering up everything in it’s path.  Snaggletooth and the other Beasts were apparently not impressed by the bait offerings, despite being presented the freshest bait on the Island after The Dot put a savage beating on the Bunker with his snagger earlier in the day.  Though one would think these Beasts would feel ashamed of their actions, it’s unlikely a fish brain is capable of producing the feeling of shame.

While the overcast conditions seemed ideal at the time, The Butcher Conway Bowman did a make a good point: Had the stars been out, it’s possible they would have aligned…

Results: Dog, no Beasts

Bitter fu**ing Fishface

Bitter fu**ing Fishface

Fresh BunksFishyDot CrabDot

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