8/7/16: Fishology Sciences- Observations of Tropicality…+…Fishy Jackson elected Sennetor of the North

Fishy Jackson
Location: Moses Docks
Time/Tide: All Morning/Low Tide around 5:30 am

Northern Sennet finally hooked 

 The Fishtilian had been chasing this creature for many moons, many a Crescent Moon in fact…but the Sennet Campaign has mercifully come to an end.  A lil Sennet ate a very small live Killi and was barely hooked, but the fish was landed.  Fishy Jackson has been elected Sennetor of the North, effective immediately.

Northern Sennet

Fishy Jackson: Sennetor of the North

Northern SennetNorthern SennetNorthern Sennet


Observations of Tropicality

Fishologistic Advancements were made as multiple tropical visitors were either hooked or observed drifting around with the incoming eelgrass seaweed: 4 or 5 small baby Cobias, 1 possible Cornetfish, 2 Bigeye Scads, 1 Goby-like fish that so closely resembled a Goby that it may have been a Goby, 1 other wierd mystery fish, and of course the praiseworthy Lined Seahorse.   The Sennet and Scads were hooked while trying to fish through the gazillion Sea Bass under the dock.

Baby Cobia

Back to back years with micro Cobia encounters



Bigeye Scads

2 of these fish managed to get snagged in the back on a Sabiki hook.  Honor forbids Fishy Jackson from considering a snagged fish to be an official catch, so this fish will not be counted as a new Species.  Perhaps next time one of these dumbass Scads will actually bite a hook, instead of just swimming into to the damn hook like a blind oaf.

Bigeye Scad

Results: 1 Northern Sennet (#133), 1 juvenile Cobia, 2 snagged Bigeye Scads, Gazillion Sea Bass, couple small Snappers were caught.  Cornetfish, multiple Baby Cobia, Seahorse, other random creatures were observed

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