8/23/16: The Drought of Beast hath Ceased

Fishy Jackson
Location: Moses
Time/Tide: 8:10 – 9:40 PM / Hi Tide around 12:15 AM

The Fishtilian was left bloodied and battered, butchered and bludgeoned, beleaguered and bamboozled…but it was the Ray that stood alone in the Loser’s Circle after a near hour-long battle of wits.  The Beast proved extremely difficult to get fully beached, with minimal waves assistance and no help offered by the dickbag fishermen nearby who refused to leave their post.  Dolo Beast fishing is a difficult chore.  A large majority of the struggle occurred with the animal stuck in the sand only 10 feet or less from shore…was near impossible to get the fish close enough to safely grab.

At one point the Fishtilian attempted to drag the fish by the tail without a glove or rag, which was a terrible move.  Unsurprisingly, the tail full of thorns sliced the shit out of Fishy’s palms.  Alas, the fish was eventually landed, and though it was not Snaggletooth…twas a Necessary Beast.

Results: 1 Roughtail Stingray

Roughtail StingrayRoughtail selfie

A Butchered Palm...Clearly Roughtail Stingrays have rough tails

A Butchered Palm…It is clear Roughtail Stingrays are appropriately named

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