8/27-8/28/16: Fishology Sciences- Pinz & Porcupinez + More Tropicalisms

Fishy Jackson, Father Figure Chris
Location: Oak Beach area
Time/Tide: 6:30 – 8:45 AM/ Low Tide around 10 AM

Tropical Seining Expedition: The squad made about 10 passes with the seine net along the beach and rocks looking for some tropical visitor fish.  No true tropical fish turned up in the net, however 2 bizarre semi-tropical Porcupine Pufferfish AKA Striped Burrfish did promptly donate themselves to the cause.

Seining Results: 2 Porcupine Puffers, baby Blackfish, many Pipefish, many baby Bergalls, infinite Silversides

Porcupine PufferBaby Tog

Fishing off the rocks- A rare Praise-worthy Pinfish: Though Pins are highly useful as live bait, they are arguably the most annoying creature in southern waters due to their impeccable and galling bait-stealing ability.  However, when caught in the Waters of the Norths…these creatures are worthy of at least marginal praise.

Fishing Results: 1 Pinfish (First in NY Waters), 1 Snapper, infinite small Puffers and Sea Bass

NY PinNY PinSnapper

Fishy Jackson
Location: Oak Beach area
Time/Tide: 7:30 – 11:30 AM/ Low Tide around 11 AM

The Fishy Wonder returned to the scene the next morning, attempting to fish through all the Puffers to hook a Porcupine Puffpuff or something random, but the damn Northern Puffers were too ravenous.  Fortunately, as the Fishtilian was preparing to leave some veteran Tropical Seiners approached and proceeded to put in some solid seine work.  Among the many tidbits of wisdom these Vet Seiners bestowed upon Fishy is that low tide is the optimal time to seine up the Trops.  The first haul alone yielded a crazy variety of species, in the exact area Fishy had been catching nothing but Puffers and Sea Bass.  Both Bandtail Puffers and Porcupine Puffers are in the area but Northern Puffers wont let them eat anything.

Fishing Results: Usual over aggressive local creatures- Puffers and Sea Bass

Observations from the work of the Veteran Tropical Seiners: Bluespotted Cornetfish, Bandtail Puffer, Porcupine Puffers, Northern Sennet, Sea Horses, baby Blackfish, baby Kingfish, other usual local fish

Bluespotted Cornetfish

Bandtail Puffer

Bandtail Puffer

SennetPorcupine and Sea HorsesBluespotted Cornetfish

Many of these Creatures now call the Chris Fish Tank home

Tank Footage

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