9/2/16: Bitter Fishface 4…Arguably worse than Sharknado 4

Fishy Jackson
Location: Moses
Time/Tide: 7:30 pm – 12:30 AM/ Hi Tide around 8:45 pm

Bitter Fishface is back and somehow bitterer than ever.  The majority of the fresh bunker was wasted feeding crabs and dogfish for the first 2 hours while the tide was barely moving.  A truly massive runoff occurred on the last fresh quality chunk, right as the tide started picking up…and the goddamn line promptly snapped.  This was almost certainly a Snaggletooth runoff.  Fishy Jackson has never hooked a Sand Tiger before, but this was exactly how a Sand Tiger feels when hooked.  It is possible the line had been frayed somewhere.

Out of fresh bait, the Fishtilian refused to leave and ended up catching a Robin on a crappy chewed up piece of bunker.  This Robin was promptly murdered and cut it into chunks, which produced a Skate…which was promptly murdered and cut into wing chunks.  No takers.  The Skate fought decently enough that it was briefly thought to be a possible Striper, but it turned out it was snagged in the wing.

  • Plundering Pete was slated to attend this mission but fell victim to NY traffic.
  • An apology is due to Captain Jimmy Hooks, whom wanted nothing more for his birthday than for Fishy Jackson to catch a Beast in his honor.
  • The argument can be made that this was worse, or at least as bad, as Sharknado 4…though it’s unlikely this was worse than the 4th Alvin and the Chipmunks movie.

Results: Garbage fishlost a major runoff

Snagged SkateDogBeheaded Robin

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