9/10/16: Peconic Fresh Micro Work- The Shiner is Bridle…The Enthusiasm is Unbridled

Freshy Jackson
Location: Peconic Watershed

Spreader of Micro Awareness Lord Freshy Jackson has made a semi-triumphant return to the old stomping waters, and no Peconic Stone was left unturned.  Many different access points were checked looking for the remaining uncaught Fresh Microfish of Long Island: Eastern Mudminnow, Bridle Shiner, Eastern Creek Chubsucker, Banded Sunfish, Swamp Darter.

Creatures Caught: Bridle Shiners (Fresh #13), Golden Shiners, Banded Killies, baby Sunnies, baby Largemouth

Freshy Jackson= Boss Hog of the Bog

Twas the waters of the Cranberry Bog that brought forth some Micro Glory.  It appears the Bridle Shiners had taken refuge in this undisturbed Bog Region under the illusion they would be safe from Micro Hooks…clearly underestimating the Micro Prowess of the Micro Whisperer Lord Freshy Jackson.  Multiple Bridles were hooked, mixed in with juvenile Golden Shiners and Sunnies.  It is clear the minnows that ignored bait offerings earlier in season were not Bridle Shiners after all, given how aggressive the actual Bridle Shiners are.  These fish look near identical to juvenile Eastern Creek Chubsuckers, and were originally misidentified as such.  The Cranberry Bog possesses Peconic Watershed Classification, as it connects to the Peconic via Little River.

Cranberry BogCranberry BogBridle ShinerEastern Creek ChubsuckerBridle ShinerGolden Shiner

Banded Killifish were finally located in the actual Peconic River at Grangebel Park.  Numerous large possible Alewives were observed in the water, however Freshy Jackson regrettably obeyed the “fishing for Alewife prohibited” signs.  It was assumed Alewife has to be snagged like Bunker anyway, however it appears these things are catchable on sabikis.  A couple large Pickerel were seen but ignored live Killis dangled in their faces for some reason.

***Update Note: It turns out the section that Killis and Herrings were seen was actually Brackish water.  The Killis were not Banded Killis, they were Mummichogs.  The Herrings were not Alewife, they were just Bunker***

Banded KillifishPickAlewivesAlewives

Another noteworthy spot was the Connecticut Ave spot, where the water was disgusting brown crapwaters.  A juvenile Largemouth was hooked here, and it’s likely this fish cherished every second it spent out of the water while it was getting unhooked…before it had to return to it’s nasty brownwater habitat.

Baby LargemouthPeconic Brownwaters

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