9/12/16: Tally Hooooooo el Calico

Fishy Jackson, EsQuire P, Captain James Hook
Time/Tide: 7:50 – 11ish PM/ Low Tide around 10:50

Tally Hooooooooo, Talllllyyy Hooooooooooooooo!  A Red Fox was caught trying to creep up on the Squad’s Bunker…and repeated yells of Tally Hoooooooo appeared to summon the Calicos from the depths.  Jimmy Hooks put the Squad on his back and landed not one, but two Calico Crabs.  For reasons unbeknownst, these Calicos brought the Squad great joy, despite the outing ending with an inexplicable Skunkjob.

Repeated chumming of the air, amongst other tried and true rituals like the old Newp & Rally (where EsQuire P smokes a Newport), could not coax a runoff from a Beast on this night.

Fishy Jackson is taking a stand against Bitterness.  The prevailing feeling is more that of confusion…and delirium.

Results: Calico, Skunk

Squire & Bo

EsQuire P & Captain James Hook with the Crustacean of the Hour: The Calico


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