9/20/16: Fox- Skunk of the Surf

Fishy Jackson, Coach Beav Mac
Location: Moses
Time/Tide: 7:45 – 10 PM/ Hi Tide around 11 PM

The damn Foxes were out again and it’s clear these Creatures are nothing more than Skunks that don’t stink quite as bad.  These Foxes of the Surf feed upon bunker, and their mere presence seems to discourage fish from biting.  They post up within 10-15 feet and scheme on the Bunker, and won’t retreat more than 20 feet or so before creeping back up again.  They are creeps.

The conditions were glorious but once again the only creatures with any interest in fresh Bunker were Foxes, Crabs, and likely small Dogfish nibbling.

Coach Beav Mac’s comeback is complete…and once again The Great Coach has proven that he does not have to catch fish to be triumphant.

Coach & FishyCoach Beav

Footage of SkunkFox and Coach almost catching a fish

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