9/25/16: Expansion of Fresh Horizons- Pocantico Explorations

Freshy Jackson
Locations: Sleepy Hollow- Pocantico River
Time: Morning

The time has come to branch out from the Peconic Shadow and find some fresh new NY Waters, with creatures un-catchable on Long Island.  The Pocantico is a reputable tributary of the Hudson and was given the honor of first audition to be the new Fresh Spot.   White Sucker, Redbreast Sunfish, Rock Bass, Smallies, probably some random Micro Fish, etc all are in play here.  Given the general beauty and the aura of romanticism of the area, Lord Freshy Jackson has taken the title of El Romantico de El Pocantico.

Unfortunately this river was tough to access and most of the stream sections that were checked were devoid of life.  The 2 lake areas in the State Parks would have offered the best chance for some action but these required long treks to reach and didn’t seem very land-fishable.  The first spot produced a bunch of Redbreast Sunfish, but this would ultimately prove to be the only Encountering of Life.  Considering the possibility that these sunfish could have easily just been the usual Pumpkinseeds or Bluegills…it was at least fortunate that these Sunfish had red knockers.  The Pocantico appears to be a One-n-Done River…El Romantico signing off.

Results: Redbreast Sunfish (Fresh #14)

Redbreast SunfishRedbreast Sunfish

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