10/8/16: Saw Mill Stream Hunting Work

Freshy Jackson
Location: Saw Mill River- All over from Chappaqua to Yonkers
Time: Morning

The Real Deal Holyfield of the Saw Mill Lord Freshy Jackson thoroughly explored the shallow stream waters of the Saw Mill River.  This Hudson Tributary River really seems to be more of a skinny, shallow stream for the majority of it’s entirety.

Stream Creatures hunted: White Sucker, Creek Chub, Blacknose Dace, Longnose Dace, Common Shiner, maybe Rock Bass, maybe others

Results: Creek Chub (Fresh #15), Blacknose Dace (Fresh #16), Redbreast Sunfish, Pumpkinseed, Bluegill, Yellow Perch, small Largemouth

Downstream near Westchestor Manor

The Freshy Wonder found Creek Chubs for the first time here.  A Yellow Perch sparked off the action, followed by doubleheaders of Redbreast Sunfish and Creek Chubs.

Yellow PerchRedbreast & Creek Chub

Upstream in Chappaqua- Trapped fish

The stream dumps into a pond upstream, and just below the dam a bunch of fish were trapped in a small stream pool.  The stream was too shallow and dried up behind it so the fish seem to be stuck in this pool presumably until it rains heavy.  These fish were attacking the worms like they haven’t eaten in weeks.  Pumpkinseeds, Bluegill and small Largemouth were caught in this puddle.

Largemouth & BluegillPumpkinseedStream pool

Upstream in Chappaqua- Chappaqua Station

The Freshy Wonder found the motherload of aggressive Creek Chubs at the Chappaqua Train Station spot, all shapes and sizes.  For some reason these Creek Chubs upstream all have a pronounced horizontal line, while the Chubs downstream do not have such.  It appeared the Chubs were not going to allow anything else eat but fortunately a single Blacknose Dace was able to beat the Chubs to the bait at one point.  These fish look similar to juvenile Creek Chubs leading to inevitable ID confusion.  Also, a large 6+ inch Freshwater Lobster Crayfish was observed here.

Creek Chub

Left- Creek Chub from downstream/Right- Creek Chub from upstream

Creek ChubCreek Chub

Left- Juvenile Creek Chub/Right- Blacknose Dace

Juvenile Creek ChubBlacknose Dace

Freshwater Lobster Footage

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  1. The Manhattans’ principal village, Nepperamack, was on the site of present-day Yonkers where the Saw Mill River discharges into the Hudson River. His estate was called Colen-Donck, for “Donck’s colony”, and the Nepperhan beca me known as Colen-Donck’s Kill, after the Dutch word for “stream”.

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