10/16/16: Hudson Slob Hunting at the Beacon…+***Bonus Jackson Squadron Action

Freshy Jackson
Location: Hudson, Beacon Dock
Time/Tide: 7-9:30 AM/ Low Tide around 6:50 AM

The Hero of the Hudson, 1A to Captain Sully’s 1B, trekked 60 miles up the Hudson targeting brute 10-15 lb Channel Cat slobs on White Perch chunks…but ultimately had to settle for an unbrutely 1 lber caught on the worm set up.  The chunks went completely untouched, while Baby Stripers and gaggles of Perch rounded out the catch on the worms.

Results: 1 Channel Catfish (Fresh #17), many White Perch, baby Stripers

Channel CatChannel Cat

Freshy Jackson
Location: Fishkill Creek
Time: 10 AMish-12:30 PMish
**ID Correction 10/19/16**This was Common Shiner, not Spottail Shiner

Fishkill Creek lived up to it’s name, as mass fish deaths are the only explanation for the dead waters of the creek on this day.  Freshy Berkowitz of the Fishkill Lord Freshy Jackson did manage a new creature here, as a school of small Spottail Common Shiners were encountered, but otherwise the action was minimal.  The waters were deeper and more fishy here then at the Saw Mill but just not much was around it seemed.  Fishkill Creek marks the 3rd Hudson Tributary paid homage to by the Freshy Wonder.

Results: Spottail Common Shiners (Fresh #18), Golden Shiners, Sunnies

juvenile Common Shiner

Golden Shiner

Golden Shiner with Anchorworms in the anal area

***10/14/16: Bonus Plundering Pete & Friends blues action
Plundering Pete, introducing…Jigsaw Jack Hammerfists

Praises due to Plundering Pete for putting in work with some beastly local Blues at a local boatramp in Huntington.  Jigsaw Jack Hammerfists has earned a spot on the Jackson Roster with this performance.


***10/17/16: EsQuire P is on the Board

Shout out to Squire for getting himself on the Striped Board.  The Graveyard Shift session aboard Captain Ted’s Cow Vessel, drifting with Live Eels in GS Bay turned out an early morning Keeper for the Self-Knighted SQuire.

 Squire on the Board

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