4/9/17: Official 2k17 Season Opener- A Sucker gets suckered, in the clutch

Freshy Jackson
Location: Port Jervis area- The Delaware, The Neversink, The Basher
Time: Morning

Fresh Fly & Flashy…Lord Freshy Jackson headed Port Jerviway to pop off the 2k17 Season.  Delaware Awareness was clearly lacking as The Fishtilian encountered a vastly different Delaware than back in November.  Water levels were significantly higher and flowing fast, with land access far more limited.  The trip was essentially rendered more of a recon outing for the future, as basically every cast ended in a snag on submerged rocks.  The calm creek spot on the Neversink where tons of micro life including Shield Darters were observed in November was now a fast flowing stream.  Multiple spots were checked at the Delaware, the Neversink and the Bashakill, with basically no life of any kind observed in the water besides Salamanders.

Delaware spot November / Delaware spot April

Neversink spot November / Neversink spot April

The Bashakill

Though fish life was lacking here as well, the Bashakill is a pretty damn glorious area.  Twas here that the Fish Masher of the Basher Lord Freshy Jackson came thru in the clutch, after finally spotting some life at the final spot checked.  3 large White Suckers were seen hovering and looking like Carp at this strange spot where rapid rough stream water met calmer stream water.  A worm was dangled in their face til this Sucker took the bait like a total sucker.  

Results: 1 White Sucker (Fresh #22/NY #72)

Weird Bashakill spot gif


*4/2- Unofficial 2k17 Season Opener: Migrating Alewife Hunt- Law Enforcement had the jump on Fishy Jackson on this day.  Fishing for these fish in the Peconic is not permitted, necessary to prevent people from catching bundles of these things to pickle them like other Herrings.  However, only 1 Alewife needs to be hooked and released by the Fishy Wonder…an event that will inevitably occur.  A cop somehow showed up immediately, but did grant Fishy a brief 5-10 minute window to catch and release the fish…but the clock ran out quick.  A couple ‘wives were seen flopping over the fish ladder but the numbers seemed low-ish.  Freshy Jackson then attempted to access a remote pond at the headwaters of the Peconic, but the road leading to it is apparently federal property and the Fishy Wonder’s car was swarmed by cops.  Fortunately the Fishtilian did not make a sudden move to reach for the Micro Rod at any point, which could have potentially caused the classic tragic case of a micro rod being mistaken for a gun…

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