Good Friday 2k17- Hunt for the Good ‘Wife

Fishy Jackson
Location: Peconic
Time: Morning

Another successful hunt for a Good Wife is in the books…this time not of the human female but of the Alewife fish variety.  No Alewives flopped over the fish ladder this time but instead appeared to be tightly schooled up before the dam, apparently waiting for a swift hook-job by the Fishtilian…which they did indeed receive.  The deed is done.

Freshy Jackson then proceeded to check out some of the usual Peconic spots.  The Peconic Muskrats were out all over the place…these creatures wish they were River Otters/Beavers so badly.  A small Sunny was live-lined for a nice Pickerel to cap off the day.

Results: Alewives (Atlantic #134/NY #73), 1 nice Pickerel, some Sunnies

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