4/18/17: Annual Blackbackathon 2k17…+ A clear case of Micro Fraud

Fishy Jackson, EsQuire P, & Johnny Flapjackz
Location: Huntington Harbor- Coindre Hall
Time/Tide: 6 – 7:30ish pm/ Hi Tide 5:20ish pm

Despite EsQuire P recruiting the services of local Blackback legend Johnny Flapjackz to the Squadron, neither of the 2 local Blackbacks were caught on this day.  This is hardly surprising given that the local Flatblacks typically show no regard for this event held in their honor.  What is surprising however, is the blatant case of Micro Fraud committed by the town of Huntington in the random little pond at Coindre Hall.

Not even Johnny Flapjackz himself could summon the local Blackbacks back into existence

Micro Fraud Lawsuit: Fishy Jackson vs. the Town of Huntington

Small Minnows were observed in this random little pond at Coindre, leading the Fishtilian to bust out the Micro Gear, believing that Eastern Mudminnows had possibly been located.  However, these fish would later be identified as the non-native Eastern Mosquitofish, clearly stocked there by the town to prevent mass Mosquito attacks on the people walking the trail nearby.  While this is understandable, there were no signs near the pond announcing that these fish had been stocked…and no warning of any kind to aspiring Micro Fishermen that these waters are tainted.  The town did not follow proper protocol and procedure when stocking these fish in a pond.  This is a clear-cut case of Microfish Fraud.  Freshy Jackson thought a legit new fish had been caught, but these fish are not countable.  The Fishtilian is suing for damages and emotional distress, but would consider settling out of court in exchange for a  sincere apology from the Town, and assurances that proper procedures will be followed next time so the next Micro fisherman does not suffer the same fate at this pond…

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