4/30/17: CSH Blackback Dock action

Fishy Jackson, EsQuire P + Squire’s offspring Kellen, Saint Patrick of Bonnethead, Gefilteberg
Location: CSH, Blackback Dock
Time/Tide: 11:50 – 1:30 pm / Hi Tide 3:30ish pm

This day was not the day that an actual Blackback would be caught at Blackback Dock…not even with a rare appearance from Gefilteberg, whom bravely came to offer Blackback Support despite knowing full well he would not be in the presence of any form of Gefilte Fish. 

The Fishtilian kind of got the Squad on the board with a presumed 17ish inch Striper, but the fish was unable to be hoisted the long way up the dock and broke off halfway up.  This fish was hooked on Squire Tuck’s rod featuring a reel spooled with extremely old 4 or 6 lb mono, possibly dating back to the 90’s.

Saint Patrick of Bonnethead opted to not summon any Bonnethead Sharks to the dock in order to spare the Bonnets of dealing with the cold water.  However, Saint Bonnethead was credited with the Heroic Move of the Day by saving baby Kellen’s baba from drifting out to sea after it fell in the water.  

Footage of Striper + Saint Bonnethead Heroics

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