5/20/17: Disarray at the Delaware

Freshy Jackson
Location: The Delaware, Port Jervis range
Time: Morning

A weak, skimpy egg sandwich really set the tone for this debacle, as Freshy Jackson simply did not have it on this day.  The waters were far more fishable than in early April, but wind knots with the freshly spooled braid, snags on rocks, countless empty casts, and just general disarray were the theme of the day.  This river is damn rocky.  Lures and live-lined Minnows were untouched, and worms went mostly action-less as well.  The Micro Work produced nothing new.  

The main objective of this mission was to find the migrating American Shad and make American Shad great again, but this was too quickly abandoned after witnessing a local dude catch a Smallmouth.  Much time was wasted at this spot going for Smallies and not enough time was allotted to try other spots.  Just a poor showing all around by the Freshy Wonder, a sharper gameplan is essential.  

The next trip to the Delaware is gut check time, not only for Freshy Jackson, but for the Delaware itself as well.  The Character of the Delaware will be tested….these waters have much to prove.  

Fish caught: Minimal action…Banded Killies, Common Shiners, Golden Shiners, Redbreast Sunfish

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