5/27/17: Delaware Work- Making American Shad Great Again

Freshy Jackson
Location: Delaware River- Port Jervis
Time: 7- 10:30 AM

The Good Fella of the Della Lord Freshy Jackson made some adjustments and ran a smoother operation this go-round at the Delaware.

Results: American Shad (Atlantic #135/NY #74), various Minnows

Making American Shad Great Again

Optimism for a Shad Encounter was not high after receiving word that the Shad Run began significantly ahead of schedule in early April, and this was the very back-end of the run.  However, the Delaware showed some Character and produced a good size Shad for the Fishtilian, caught on a green Shad Spoon.  While the assertion of Shad Greatness is entirely subjective, it cannot be argued that American Shad are not at the very least decent again.  

Smallmouth Hunt

The Freshy Wonder made some adjustments trying to hook a Smallmouth, using a floating Chartreuse colored Mouse lure to avoid rock snags, but the Smallies would not cooperate.  Worm lures were also used to cover different depths but it wasn’t happening.  Nightcrawlers went untouched again as well, though an adult Fallfish and what appeared to be a Rock Bass were seen in the water.  

Micro Life

This river is teeming with Micro Minnow life, and the Freshy Wonder again found a spot with definite Shield Darters, but was unable to catch them.  Various Minnow species were hooked, but with none standing out as definite new fish and time of the essence going for Smallies/Shad, Freshy Jackson controversially and regrettably did not bother documenting these catches.  In hindsight, it’s quite possible a new fish, likely a Spottail Shiner, had been caught.  Stricter Micro Documentation guidelines will be implemented going forward.

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2 Responses to 5/27/17: Delaware Work- Making American Shad Great Again

  1. The Entitled Eel of Earlbury says:

    It has been asserted that American Shad overwhelmingly sided with Hill-Dawg during the most recent Oceanic Elections

    • Fishy Jackson says:

      This is true, however it appears the Shad are changing their tune now that they’ve been made great again

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