6/10-6/11/17: Lake Champlain debut…+***Sound Pounding Update***

Freshy Jackson, Father Figure Chris
Location: Lake Champlain (from Champlain Canal up to Port Henry) & LaChute River
Target fish: Bowfin, Drum, Pike, Channel Cats, and all Microfish

Creatures caught: Rock Bass (Fresh #23/NY #75), Spottail Shiner (Fresh #24/NY #76), huge Bowfin for Father Chris, Largemouth Bass, easy Panfish action (White Perch, Bluegill, Pumpkinseed, Yellow Perch), Spotfin Shiner, Banded Killifish

The much anticipated debut of the High Chief of the Champlain Lord Freshy Jackson did not live up it’s billing.  The anticipation for this trip was through the roof, with speculation that as many as 10 new species could be added to the NY Tally, including a few brutes.  Alas, twas not the case…

Microfishing Letdown: Tons of different Minnow/Shiner species live in this watershed, yet not a single minnow/shiner species was observed at the water’s edge at any of the spots on the Lake, except for really small fish fry.  The only microfish observed at the water’s edge anywhere in the Lake was Banded Killifish and baby sunnies.  The only place that Minnows/Shiners were seen was in the LaChute River.  Confusing as hell, and the magnitude of this Micro Disappointment is far reaching.

Champlain Canal

The Squad arrived in the area around 9 AM Saturday and explored a few spots at the Champlain Canal.  This water was disgusting and minimal life was observed or caught here.   It’s probable Channel Cats lurk in these waters however.  The waters around the South Bay Bridge were gross as well and life was minimal here aside from White Perch.  The locals packed out the dock and weren’t catching anything.


La Chute River

This River has really clear blue/greenish water and tons of fish.  The Brute of the LaChute Lord Freshy Jackson landed some Rock Bass to get on the New Fish board, and tons of Panfish were caught here.  On the Micro Tip, Spottail Shiners, Spotfin Shiners and Banded Killies seemed to be main species around as no other minnow species were hooked.

Spottail Shiner


Crown Point Bridge- Evening Session: 5-9 PM

This was supposed to be the Session of Glory, but ultimately only featured one moment of true Glory.  The Squad set up with fresh Sunfish chunks on 2 rods, live Crayfish fished under a bobber on another rod, and either worms or small live sunfish on the other rod.  The Crayfish were casted repeatedly near the bridge looking for big Drum, but the only fish around that wanted to eat Crayfish were 8-10 inch Rock Bass.  Live bite size Sunnies were also casted under a bobber around the weeds but nothing took the bait.  The chunks went untouched…until the Father Figure got a massive runoff and landed a true brute Bowfin…. the Fish of the Year.  Ripped off line then ran into the weeds and was tough to budge, the thing was a Beast.  For whatever reason, this was the only big fish around.


Ticonderoga spot- sunday morning 

Tons of 6-8 inch Alewives were either spawning or just being weird in the shallows.  The Freshy wonder snagged a couple and live-lined them looking for a big Pike but nothing took the bait.  Sunfish chunks were also tossed out looking for Channel Cats/Bowfins…but no hits.  Weather was damn windy on this day.


Considering that the only new fish caught on this trip, Rock Bass and Spottail Shiners, are quite common in the Delaware River, it’s likely these fish will be caught on one of the next outings there…so this Champlain trip didn’t move the needle even in the slightest.  However, despite the major letdown factor of this trip, the Freshy Wonder still holds the Lake Champlain basin in extremely high regard…and will be looking to make this an Annual Journey.

***Early June Sound Pounding Update***

The Sledgehammer of the Sound Captain Dennis has been pummeling, clobbering, whacking, thwacking, smacking, headcracking, and just all around putting a pounding on the Cow Stripers and Blues as of late.  The Honorable Lord E$te Dot landed a career best 42 inch, 30+ lber, which was later matched by Captain Dennis himself, also a career best.   Plundering Pete got on the board himself but only managed a 38 incher.  Despite the small size of the fish in comparison, if one squints their eyes and focuses real closely, one can kind of make out the image of a Striper in Pete’s pic below…

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