7/2/17: Delawareness Activity- Cutlips in the Cut

Freshy Jackson
Location: Port Jervis- Delaware River
Time: Morning

Target Fish: Smallmouth Bass, Longnose Dace, Cutlip Minnow, Satinfin Shiner, Comely Shiner, Shield Darter, Slimy Sculpin, Eastern Mudminnow, Margined Madtom

Fish Caught: Cutlip Minnow (Fresh #25/ NY #77), Fallfish, Spotfin Shiner, Common Shiner, Swallowtail Shiner, Sunnies

Delawarian Smallmouth Hunt

The Freshy Wonder of the Earths made about 100 casts with a $13 Whopper Plopper surface lure in an effort to avoid snags on the rocks/logs, but no Smallie came up to blast it.  This lure makes noise and looks so good in the water that Freshy Jackson had to fight the urge to jump in and chase it himself.  It appears a better Smallie spot will have to be found.

Micro Work

The Fishtilian put in a long, solid session of non-stop Micro Work in the Cut, fishing around little Sunnies and the usual minnow species, and it was the Cutlip Minnow that showed some Character and stepped to the plate.  This honorable fish just goes about it’s business as if it’s lips are not cut.

It appears Swallowtails, Spotfins, Fallfish, and Common Shiners are officially the most prevalent fish in this region, and fishing through the minnows in the Delaware has run it’s course.  The Longnose Dace will likely have to be located in the Neversink River.  Back to the drawing board for the Freshy Wonder…new tactics must be utilized upon return to this watershed.  

Beaver Sighting

Freshy Jackson made a brief stop at the Neversink and laid eyes upon a large Beaver.  It made a huge splash in the water then disappeared.  No footage was obtained, so one must have faith in Freshy Jackson’s integrity that this glorious animal was indeed seen.   

Cutlip Minnow


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