7/9/17: Jones Beastwork- Brown at the Buzzer

Fishy Jackson
Location: Jones
Time/Tide: 5:25 – 8 AM / Hi Tide 8:13 AM

Half Fishy/Half Fishier Lord Fishy Jackson had already packed up the gear and was seconds away from accepting this as a Skunk outing.  This was a true miracle runoff right at the buzzer…the Beast literally struck as the Fishtilian was lifting the rod out of the holder to call it a day.  The ultimate example of why the bait must stay in the water as long as possible while the rest of the gear is being packed up for departure.  

A healthy Brown Beast Being ripped off tons of line…but the line was retrieved in full, and the Beast was handled.  After an off year for Beasts in 2k16, this could be a great sign for a Beastful 2k17 Surf Campaign.  Perhaps even Snaggletooth will make an appearance.  

Results: 1 Brown Shark

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