7/16/17: Delawarian Progressions- A solid Blunted pick up + Record-smashing Smallie

Freshy Jackson
Location: Delaware and Neversink Rivers, Port Jervis
Time: Morning

Results: Bluntnose Minnow (Fresh #26/NY #78), Smallmouth Bass (Fresh #27/NY #79), Cutlip Minnows, Spotfin Shiner, Fallfish, Sunnies

Delaware River

The Good Fella of the Della came thru with the unexpected nab of a Bluntnose Minnow.  The Bluntnose is not considered common in the Delaware and appears to usually be found further up river than this, so this was a damn solid pick up for the Freshy Prince.

Bluntnose Minnow


Inconclusive Shiner: This creature seemingly has more dorsal fin pigment than a Spotfin Shiner, however too inconclusive to deem an official Satinfin according to the Nanfa ID Wizards, so this fish has been deemed a probable Spotfin.  


Neversink River

Longnose Dace & others Hunt: The Fishtilian checked all around the rocks and stones looking for Longnose Dace, Darters, Sculpins, etc , but only managed to catch a bunch of Cutlips Minnows and a record breaking Smallmouth Bass.  

These Cutlips are real tricksters, and they really went a bit too far this time by posing as Longnose Dace.  About 7 or 8 Cutlips were caught and each time there was legit optimism and expectation that a Longnose Dace would appear on the hook.  This seemed like a surefire Dace habitat area but it’s apparently not.  One huge 6 inch or more Sheild Darter was seen but eluded capture.


Record Smashing Smallie: The Freshy Wonder switched from topwater lures to senko worm lures, fished on a drop shot rig and then on a weedless wacky setup.  This should have slayed the Smallies, but once again, each cast came up empty in the Delaware.  

Alas, a juvenile Smallmouth Bass did finally get off it’s high horse and pay homage to Freshy Jackson.  While it may be sad that Freshy cannot seem to catch a legitimately sized Delaware Smallmouth, this micro Smallie will at least go down as a record smasher.  This fish shattered the record for smallest 1st Smallmouth Bass ever caught.  It’s likely that a smaller micro Smallmouth has been booked at some point in Micro History…but never has one been caught this small for someone’s first official Smallie catch.  This record will be classified as a non-prideworthy, yet still noteworthy, achievement.  

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