7/22/17: Blown Beast Opps- The Beasts were willing

Fishy Jackson, Plundering Pete
Location: Jones
Time/Tide: 5:30 – 7:45 AM

Rough day at the Surf Office for the Fishtilian.  2 Beast Opportunities went to waste…the hook-set came up empty on the first run-off, and the second massive run-off from a definite Shark ended in a clean break-off.  For unknown reasons the line was twisted up around the wire leader a few times after reeling in, and the line was probably twisted up when the Beast took off, causing the line snap.  Some clams were also tossed just beyond the breakers looking for some Kingfish but only a Robin came in.  Pete’s Mojo Surf rod did not receive a Beast Run-off, but the Plunderer did get his mojo back by landing a Robin.  The Beasts were out there, willing to be caught.  

Results: a few Sea Robins, missed on Beasts


The lone bright spot of the day was the Plunderer getting in on some ‘Chog Action to pop his Micro Cherry.  A brief stop was made at a local Hton Harbor spot looking for some annoyingly elusive Sheepshead Minnows.  As is usually the case, only Mummichogs and probably Striped Killis were present.


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