7/30/17: Delaware Range Expansion Attempt- The NY State Fish Popoff

Freshy Jackson
Location: Delaware River & Ten Mile River (Narrowsburg area)
Time: Morning

The Freshy Wonder made a risky move to explore new Delaware Territory further north up River, heading about 20-30 mins further northward of Port Jervis to the Narrowsburg area.  Most of the spots did not work out, either due to no trespassing/posted land signs, lifeless waters, or fishermen already present.  Next time out must be fully devoted to the Neversink River spot near Jervis, hunting the weirdo fish hiding in the rocks: Longnose Dace, Slimy Sculpin, Shield Darter, and Margined Madtom.

Animals seen: Animals all over out there.  Nearly attacked by Black Bear, saw Fox, Woodchucks, Ring-tailed Lemur, White-tailed Deer

Near Bear Attack:  A mid-sized Black Bear broke out of the bushes and jetted across the road about 50 feet in front of where Freshy Jackson stood at the side of the road at the Ten Mile River spot.  Had the Bear broke out of the bushes a bit closer…who knows.  The Fishtilian has emerged unscathed from the first Bear Attack of the year.

Delaware River- Narrowsburg spot

The Good Fella of the Della was confronted with a no trespassing sign at the money-looking spot under the bridge.  The Plan B spot was quite scenic but shallow.  Would need a boat for Smallmouth action.  There was a tight school of what appear to be ravenous Fallfish, also some Sunnies were around, but not a productive spot to fish from shore it seemed.

Fish caught here: Fallfish, Pumpkinseed, random small Shiner 

Ten Mile River spot

Random creek spot on the Ten Mile River featured the only productive sequence of fishy events that occurred.  A Brook Trout came out of nowhere attacking the split shot on the Micro rig.  The Eleventh Mile of the Ten Mile AKA Lord Freshy Jackson quickly broke out the small hooks with Nightcrawlers and popped off with a few Brookies.  The Freshy Wonder has long ignored going after Trout due to the unnatural stocking that takes place across the state.  However, Brook Trout is a native fish and holds the title of the New York State Fish, and only Brown Trout appear to be stocked in this river.  These seem like not true heritage strain Trout but legit wild fish.  Tons of Creek Chubs also made an appearance at this spot.  The Ten Mile proved to be an honorable tributary of the Delaware for this Bestowing of the Brookies.  

Fish caught here: 3 Brook Trouts (Fresh #28/NY #80), Creek Chubs, Common Shiner, Sunnies


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