8/24 & 8/26/17: Dark Days at the Surf…Bright Spots at the Dock***9/6/17 Update: Needlefish DNA Results***

8/24/17: Surf Session- DARK
Fishy Jackson
Time/Tide: 5:55 – 8:15 AM / Hi Tide: 9:54 AM

Results: SKUNK…unsurprisingly, a Skunk-Fox of the Surf was observed.


8/24/17: Dock Session- BRIGHT
Fishy Jackson
Location: Moses Docks
Time/Tide: 8:40 – 11:30 AM / Hi Tide 10:14 AM

The Fishtilian had planned to fish through all of the Sea Bass/Porgies/Puffers, etc around the dock looking for a random fish, but action under the dock was surprisingly minimal.  Tons of Snapper around but very small.  

Results: Agujon Needlefish (Atlantic #136/NY #81), Banded Rudderfish (Atlantic #137/NY #82), 1 Broke-Beak Needlefish, 1 micro Needlefish, small Sea Bass, small Snappers

Micro Needle posing as Pipefish

Fishy made the usual futile attempt to hook some Pipefish when one of the Pipers attacked the bait out of nowhere and was landed.  This was not a Legendary Pipefish catch as it turned out….it was just a micro Needlefish that was mixed in with the Pipefish.  Speculation abounds, however, that this could be a juvenile Flat Needlefish that came up as a tropical stray.  This small fish had black spots/blotches/bands all over it’s body, and there is no indication in any descriptions that juvenile Atlantic Needles have these markings.  This fish was not immediately documented and unfortunately perished before good documentation could take place.  No ray count is possible and a bunch of the black markings faded upon the perishing.  Classified as juvenile Atlantic Needle for now, pending results from Fish DNA test. 

***9/6/17 Update: DNA Results are in: Agujon Needlefish***

Big Time Pickup for the Fishtilian…very rare catch.  Catch of the Year candidate due to the randomness factor.  


Broke-Beak Needle

A strange looking 5-6 inch sea creature appeared next to the dock and aggressively attacked the micro bait.  Fishy believed a random new fish had been caught, but this was actually a Needlefish with a broken beak.  A Needle-less Needlefish.  Must have got it’s beak needle stuck in something and it broke off.


Got that Mudderfuddin Rudder

Lord Fishy Jackson finally got that muddafuddin Rudda like budda none udda did Fishy st-st-studda.  This Ruddery Creature had managed to elude the Fishy Wonder going on 6 years.  Many moons have passed since Fishy Jackon’s first encounter with this fish…not just many Crescent Moons, but many Waxing and Waning Gibous Moons had passed as well.  A Rudderfish was spotted hovering around the piling just as the Fishy Wonder was preparing to depart.  The fish initially refused live Silversides dangled in it’s face, but after awhile it relented and offered it’s mouth to the hook, thus salvaging the day.  

8/26/17: Surf Session- Very Dark
Fishy Jackson
Location: Moses
Time/Tide: 6 – 9 AM / Low Tide 5:01 AM

The Beasts were out this time, but the Fishtilian failed again to come thru like the last time they were out.  Multiple runoffs went to waste.  Literally 4 Beasts could have been landed on this day but none were.  Very dark, dark, dark times at the Surf for the Fishtilian…the Darkest Days since the Humble Surf Beginnings of 2010.  

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